The Blue Nodules project will interact with other initiatives, current and past research projects like these:

Sustainable Management of Europe’s Deep Sea and SubSeafloor Resources
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 JPI JPI Ecological Impacts of Deep-Sea Mining
Ecological Aspects of Deep-Sea Mining project homepage (Geomar & Partners)
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JPI JPI Oceans
Ecological Aspects of Deep-Sea Mining Pilot Action
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 blue mining final Blue Mining
Breakthrough Solutions for the Sustanable Deep Sea Mining Value Chain Read more…

 untitled International Marine Minerals Society
The International Marine Minerals Society (IMMS) is a professional society (non profit 501(c)(6) corporation) whose members share a common interest in marine minerals as a resource for study and sound application to meet world demands for strategic minerals. Founded in 1987, IMMS includes a worldwide membership of individuals from industry, government agencies, and academic institutions. Read more…

International Seabed Authority

International Seabed Authority (ISA), international organization established in 1994 to regulate mining and related activities in the international seabed beyond national jurisdiction, an area that includes most of the world’s oceans.
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